Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stevia Sweetener Producers Expand EU Market

The EU market of stevia sweeteners may be opened by the end of this year when the EU approves stevia and stevia glycosides (EU approval). Therefore, overseas and domestic producers aim at stevia sweetener market in the EU. They plan to expand their EU business.

At present, stevia and steviol glycosides, two major stevia sweeteners, are not permitted for sale as food or food ingredients in the UK and most other EU countries. But by the end of this year, things will be different. The use of stevia sweetener will be approved in the EU, attracting related producers' penetration into the market. According to CCM International's survey, lots of manufacturers are impressively attracted by huge market potential of stevia sweeteners in the EU.

Moreover, stevia sweetener market in the EU may enjoy fast growth, especially those high purity ones. Take France as a good example, with temporary approval for high purity stevia sweeteners from the EU, it saw speedy development of stevia awareness and market adoption in low calorie sweetener category. A similar situation is likely to occur across all EU countries this time, remarkably boosting domestic stevia sweetener industry.

Domestic stevia sweetener industry may benefit a lot from EU approval. According to CCM International's survey, stevia sweeteners are export-oriented products in China, whose estimated export volume accounts for about 60%-70% of total output of stevia sweeteners. Hence, the EU approval is going to accelerate domestic players' export business.

The above news is from CCM’s October issue of Sweeteners China News, with more stories below:
-HFCS industry develops well at present, attracting many domestic HFCS producers to actively build new production lines, especially those of F55.
-Thanks to the EU approval for stevia and stevia glycosides, expected to be launched by the end of this year, overseas and domestic producers aim at stevia sweetener market in the EU.
-Price of crystalline glucose in China rebounds a little in September 2011, mainly thanks to its demand increase.
-In accordance with China Customs, cyclamate's export volume is 17,544.72 tonnes in the first eight months of this year, decreasing 10.12% over the same period last year.
-On 26 August 2011, Suzhou Xiankuo held a foundation stone laying ceremony of its XOS project with capacity of 1,000t/a in Jiangsu.
-On 9 September 2011, QHT announces that it signs a cooperation agreement with Sheng He Tang, revealing QHT's target at end market.
-Recently, Xiwang Sugar strengthens sales of its retail crystalline fructose through new ways, indicating the company's focus on new marketing modes.
-Global Sweeteners enters into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire a corn refinery under Global Bio-chem to ensure and control its main raw material supply of corn starch.
-The price of glycyrrhizin increases remarkably in September 2011, and it is estimated to continue to increase in the future.
-Total planting area of fructus momordicase reaches about 6,000 hectares in Guilin City at the end of September 2011.
-The average sales prices of China's maltitol and xylitol are continuously increasing.
-On 22 Aug. 2011, MIIT held a meeting to discuss a draft measure of saccharin's production plan. Together with other regulations and announcements, it indicates Chinese government's strengthening of artificial HIS management.
-Shanghai Mixed Food Additives Professional Committee was established on 2 September 2011, three days before the implementation of the National Food Safety Standard: General Rules on Mixed Food Additives.

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(Guangzhou China, October 11, 2011)

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