Sunday, October 9, 2011

Latest Issue Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report Launched

The latest issue covers the news of investment on phosphorus ore, challenges and opportunities in yellow phosphorus industry, and integration of Phosphorus-fluorine industry.

According to Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report, investment on phosphorus ore is upsurging worldwide. For example, Hubei Yihua adds investment on phosphorus ore exploitation to optimize its industry layout.

Guided by the government, yellow phosphorus industry tends to develop clean production technology, which is in favor of fulfilling environmentally friendly and sustainable development and  keeps in line with the 12th Five-Year Plan in China.

Integration of phosphorus industry seems inevitable in future. More and more phosphate enterprises energetically expand upstream industry and  improve the structure of its  phosphate industry. And integration of phosphorus-fluorine industry is in favor of the development of phosphorus industry and fluorine industry. You may discover more exciting news in the above newsletter.

CCM’s Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report, published on 15th every month, aims to give you the latest information on company dynamic, industry dynamic, factors impacting the price fluctuation, technology improvement, supply & demand of China's phosphorus industry. There are mainly six sections in this newsletter, including Phosphorus ore, Yellow phosphorus, Phosphate fertilizer, Fine phosphate chemicals, Import & export and Price Update.

Main Content of September issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report:
Phosphorus ore
-Global Insight: Investment on phosphorus ore upsurging worldwide
-Industry Dynamic: Phosphorus-fluorine integrated industry emerging in China 
-Company Dynamic: Hubei Yihua strengthens phosphorus ore exploitation
Yellow phosphorus
-Global Insight: World less depends on China's yellow phosphorus
-Policy & Legislation: China's yellow phosphorus industry to promote clean production technology 
Phosphate fertilizer
-Policy & Legislation: Export tariff curbs urea and DAP export in H1 2011
-Global Insight: Brazil's phosphate fertilizer industry attracts investment
-Company Dynamic: Shandong Kingenta to develop phosphate chemicals in Weng'An County
Fine phosphate chemicals
-Company Dynamic: Double Dragons to develop TCP
-Company Dynamic: Yoke Technology accelerates upstream extension 
Import & export
-International trade situation of phosphate chemicals in July
Price Update
-Price monitor of some phosphate chemicals in August

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