Monday, August 12, 2013

Overview of China’s chlorpyrifos industry and forecast on the industry development trend to 2017

China has become the largest chlorpyrifos supplier in terms of capacity and output in the world and the chlorpyrifos produced by China has dominated the domestic market. Moreover, with low price and good quality, home-made chlorpyrifos has been expanding into the global market rapidly since 2006. Eyeing the increase of both export volume and value, some domestic producers, such as Nanjing Redsun, Jiangsu Baoling and Zhejiang Xinnong, have made breakthroughs in exploring the overseas market. However, the operating rate of chlorpyrifos technical manufacturers in China has been at low level in recent years, mostly because the demand growth both in the domestic and overseas markets failed to catch up with the expanding capacity.

According to CCM’s 4th edition report on China’s chlorpyrifos industry, in the past few years, the capacity of the domestic chlorpyrifos has been in serious surplus due to the lower entrance threshold of the chlorpyrifos industry and the blind capacity expansion of producers. Fortunately, with the issuance and implementation of the Pesticide Industry Policy, the most important national regulation that guides the development of China's pesticide industry, the production of chlorpyrifos is expected to become increasingly concentrated, and competition inside the chlorpyrifos industry will be of greater intense. Competitiveness of large-scale producers, such as Nanjing Redsun and Zhejiang Xinnong, will also become further improved, thanks to their advantages in production technology and sales channel. Meanwhile, small-scale producers are estimated to be phased out, due to their insufficient production and wastewater treatment technology.

CCM’s report features not only the updated situation of chlorpyrifos technical and formulations in China during 2008
–2012, but also a forecast on the chlorpyrifos industry development trend in terms of supply, export, price and demand by volume and value during 2013–2017. Some focuses of the report are highlighted as follows:

l  Identify key producers and potential producers of chlorpyrifos in China
l  Emphasize on market demand breakdown of chlorpyrifos by volume and value during 2008–2012, as well as the consumption structure by crops and regions during 2008–2012
l  Summary of the development status of China’s chlorpyrifos industry and the influencing factors of drivers and barriers  
l  Forecast on the development trend of the chlorpyrifos industry in terms of supply, export, price and demand by volume and value during 2013–2017
l  Analyze China's position in the world’s chlorpyrifos industry from a global perspective
l  Explore commercial opportunities of the chlorpyrifos industry in China under the new global economy circumstance
l  Analyze substitutes of chlorpyrifos products in the domestic market

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