Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Find Hot News in Dairy Products China News 1308

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Dairy Products China News:
QHT Performs Well in GOS
In late July, QHT releases its financial report for H1, showing its strong performance in GOS and reflecting the growth in this sector.
Tianyou Dairy Launches New Yoghurt
In late June, Tianyou Dairy launches a new yoghurt named Changxian, part of its premium milk development strategy.
Huishan Dairy Expands Farming Activities
In mid-July, Huishan Dairy introduces 3,000 Holsteins from Australia, part of its dairy farming expansion.
Hunan Dakang Targets Dairy Business
On 4 July, Hunan Dakang announces its plan to invest USD202.2 million in Shanghai Milk New Zealand to diversify into the dairy business.
Yili Partners with Dairy Farmers of America
On 3 July, Yili announces a cooperation with DFA, a move of great potential significance.
NZ Starts Infant Formula Brand Register
New Zealand starts a brand register of infant formula exporting to China, after concerns raised in China about the reliability of some brands and products appearing in Chinese market.
Government Boosts Livestock Subsidy
On 11 July, the Ministry of Agriculture releases Suggestions on Subsidy Projects for Premium Livestock, aiming to boost the development of premium breeds.
Pharmacy Starts Trial Sales of Infant Formula
Some pharmacies initiate trial sales of infant formula, a move to develop a new sales channel which is being promoted by government policy.
Dairy Imports Increase in H1
Dairy product import volumes increase markedly in H1, indicating strong domestic demand during this period.
Milk Supply Shortfall Debate
Mr. Wang Dingmian of the Guangzhou Dairy Association discloses that none of Guangzhou's dairy processors use wholly raw milk in their operations, leading to more public debate than he expected.
Infant Formula Prices Decrease
In July several multinational companies and two domestic companies have announced their plans to cut prices on their infant formula in China, after an anti-monopoly investigation from the National Development and Reform Commission.
Prospects for Jiyuan Yili Dairy
Mr. Sun, General Manager of Jiyuan Yili Dairy, takes an optimistic view of prospects for his company and Henan's dairy industry overall.

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