Friday, August 30, 2013

The trials in China are part of S&W Seed's continuing effort to expand worldwide markets

China's alfalfa industry is growing quickly as it seeks to meet the demand for high-quality forage from the domestic dairy industry. In early 2012, the central government launched a USD84.95 million (RMB525 million) program called Development of Alfalfa to Revitalize Domestic Dairy Industry to promote alfalfa planting. Because of this, the planting area of alfalfa has grown quickly, generating rising demand for high-quality alfalfa seeds.

The trials in China are part of S&W Seed's continuing effort to expand worldwide markets for its proprietary alfalfa seed varieties. Mark Grewal, president and chief executive officer of S&W Seed, commented, "We see big opportunities for our dormant varieties in China. China has recently expanded the importation of alfalfa hay to feed its livestock due to insufficient domestic supplies, the lower quality of alfalfa within the country and a lack of substitute forage alternatives. If our initial alfalfa hay trials validate quality, yield and persistence goals for our varieties in China, we will be well positioned to participate in a large and growing market."

He concluded that the company is working hard to develop relationships with key leaders in the alfalfa planting industry to successfully bring S&W alfalfa varieties to the farming community of China.

Dormant alfalfa varieties grow well in cooler climates such as the northern regions of China, where the majority of China's alfalfa is grown, such as Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia and Shaanxi. With early regreening in spring and fast regeneration after mowing, alfalfa varieties of dormancy ratings 3 and above have seen larger planting areas in northern China.  

Although S&W Seed has historically sold "non-dormant" alfalfa varieties for use in warmer climates, the company's tests in China reflect its ambition to move into "dormant" seeds.

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