Thursday, February 28, 2013

TiO2 prices slow their fall and show signs of stability in Jan. 2013

As the Chinese lunar new year is approaching, the future trend of TiO2 prices has become more uncertain. Moreover, with months of price declines, titanium feedstock dealers are prudent to sell their products at the current price. As a result, TiO2 prices are slowing their fall and showing signs of stability in Jan. 2013. The TiO2 price in Southwest China is playing a pioneer role in the adjustment and prices in other places around China are following suit. The rutile TiO2 price in Southwest China is stable in Jan. 2013, alike the previous month. It has been the third month that the rutile TiO2 price in Southwest China hasn't declined further. TiO2 prices in Central China and East China are adjusting to match that in Southwest China and there is a one-month delay after Southwest China's prices are amended. The anatase TiO2 price in Southwest China saw a sequential increase in Jan. 2013, compared with the previous month, while the price in other places around China stabilized. However, because international TiO2 giants have cut prices, imported TiO2 prices are equal to domestic ones.

Therefore, there is still a possibility for domestic TiO2 producers to cut prices. As for titanium concentrate ore prices, all the price curves (including Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hainan Province, Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province) became flat in Jan. 2013. Small titanium feedstock dealers, whose products are produced by small titanium feedstock producers, are prudent to sell their products at the current price. The titanium slag price decreased slightly in Nov. 2012 compared with the previous month.

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