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Baotashan makes progress in study of fluorocarbon resin polymerization

In Jan. 2013, the research project on fluorine resin polymerization and innovative fluorocarbon coating production technology jointly conducted by Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd. (Baotashan) and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Fluorosilicone Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yanchang Fluorosilicone) passed the acceptance check by the China Coating Industry Association, which marks Baotashan takes the lead in researching the production technology of fluorocarbon resin and it’s major technological index has reached domestic advanced level, filling the technology gaps in the field of polymerization of fluorocarbon resin in Shaanxi Province, according to China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report issued by CCM in January. 

This project is a new research investigation with high technological content approved. It was initiated by Baotashan and Yanchang Fluorosilicone in early 2011 and was listed as one of the key projects for new products in Shaanxi Province in 2011. 

Fluorocarbon resin is a kind of anti-corrosive coating made from key materials and is regarded as the "king of coating" because of its excellent weathering, corrosion and chemical resistance. The synthesis technology for making fluorocarbon resin was controlled by Japan and the Occident until the beginning of the 21st century, at which time China's enterprises started to introduce related technology and develop independently the technology the polymerization of fluorocarbon resin. But the lack of fluorite (its downstream fluoro-olefins are the key materials for fluorocarbon resin synthesis) restricts the promotion and application of fluorocarbon resin.

Yanchang Fluorosilicone, with its advantage of abundant fluorite and silica resources in Shangluo City (a city in the southeastern part of Shaanxi Province), vertically integrates its processing of mineral products to extend the industry chain and improve its share of the added value of mineral resources. Baotashan has a history of more than 50 years in the research of polymer materials resin and coating. Therefore, it has a solid foundation in technology research and a perfect market operating system. 
The project proposed and implemented by Baotashan and Yanchang Fluorosilicone has a huge market potential and high application value, by which the companies aim to take full advantage of talent, technology, resources, products, markets and services to master the key technology of fluorocarbon resin and coatings in a short time. After the initial research work, the project has entered a planning and development phase for mass production. It is expected that an automatic production line will be completed by the end of 2013 with capacities of 500t/a of fluorocarbon resin and 1,000t/a of fluorocarbon coatings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Baotashan was founded in 1985. It is located in Xingping city, Shaanxi Province, China, with a capacity of 50,000t/a for paints and coatings. It has the right to import and export, with more than 200 market outlets and 60 specialty stores in China. In recent years, Baotashan has developed rapidly in marketing, eco-friendly product production and financing. The sales volume and value of its paints have ranked first in Northwest China’s coatings industry for more than 10 years. Total sales value in 2012 was about USD650 million, an increase of 13% on 2011.

Yanchang Fluorosilicone is a member company of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Corp. Ltd. The latter is directly attached to the Shaanxi People's Provincial Government. About USD300 million in total will be invested to construct Yanchan Fluorosilicone. The project has been divided into two stages. In the first stage, about USD120 million was invested to construct six sub-projects: a hydrogen fluoride line with a capacity of 40,000t/a, a sulfuric acid line with a capacity of 100,000t/a, a dry aluminum fluoride line with a capacity of 30,000t/a, a cryolite line with a capacity of 5,000t/a, a fluoride salt line with a capacity of 6,000t/a and a fluorite line with a capacity of 270,000t/a. It is expected that the annual sales value will reach USD71 million when all the projects are put into production.

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