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China brews soybean industrial policy adjustment

China is brewing soybean industrial policy adjustment, eyeing that the import volume of soybean hit a new record high in 2012 while domestic soybean production and processing industry continued to shrink in recent years. It's estimated that China would issue some new policies, hoping to improve the enthusiasm of farmers to grow soybeans and enhance the self-sufficiency rate of domestic soybean, according to CCM’s latest issue of AgriChina News Alert 1301.
In recent years, China’s soybean import volume showed an upward trend year by year while the output of domestic soybean has been declining. According to China Customs, China has imported 58.38 million tonnes of soybean in 2012, with an increase rate of 10.9% year on year.
At present, soybean industry insiders and food experts are expecting the supporting policy on the adjustment of soybean price eagerly. Price subsidy is considered to be a helpful policy tool. It is understood that the government would subsidize the price difference when the target price which provides a reasonable return to farmers is higher than current market price. Some experts also suggest that China should develop policies to support domestic soybean enterprises, including but not limited to tax incentives and government grants. 

Table Contents of AgriChina News Alert 1301:
2012 China's agricultural produces output sees increase
2013 Lowest purchasing price of rice released
China imports corn from Argentina for the first time
2012 Import & export of agricultural produces in China
MOA suggests increasing 2013 lowest purchasing price of rice drastically
China's main grain production area shifts northward
Gumuzhen: 2012 net profit would decrease by 80%-93%
Shaanxi: an important fruit production region both for China and the world
Edible Fungi Research Center founded in Yunnan Province
China's cigarette output up less than 2.4% in 2012
China brews soybean industrial policy adjustment
MOF allocates USD19.4 billion subsidies to support spring farming
China: cotton reserve measure facing with dilemma
Twelfth Five-Year Circular Agriculture and Crop Straw Utilization Policy Seminar held
Oil content of China's rape variety YN171 breaks world record again
Sinograin purchased 37.47 million tonnes of grain in 2012
China's accumulated occurrence area of pests and diseases to hit 367 million ha. in 2013
Five kinds of agricultural production supported by central financial
2012: China's enterprises purchased 314 million tonnes of grain
Seed companies' competitiveness to be enhanced in future few years
Biological Industry Development Plan to benefit seven main sub-industries
Denghai Seeds invests in a new subsidiary
Seventh China Biological Industry Convention to be held in June 2013
China to build three state-level grain seed production bases
2012: China's pesticide technical output and profit both increase
2012: Abamectin-aminomethyl becomes the hottest registered pesticide in China 10
Both volume and value of China's pesticide import & export increase greatly
Domestic pesticide demand to see growth in 2013
Consolidation of pesticide industry accelerates in China
Canpotex to offer Sinofert one million tonnes of potash fertilizer in H1 2013
China Ocean University Organism signs agreement with World Horticultural Exposition
Overcapacity intensifies competition of China's fertilizer industry
Agricultural machinery and technology integration project launched in Wuhu, Anhui
MOA revises 2013 state supporting agricultural machinery product list
State-level High Yield & Quality of Alfalfa Demonstration Project located in Huanghua, Hebei
AGCO increases investment in China
Fast-growing chicken calls for more supervision
Gaoping City again introduces live pig project
Chongqing to build state-level pig trading market
Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Livestock & Poultry Breeding Pollution Prevention issued
DHN: 2012 net profit to increase by 8%-28% YoY
2012: Number of China's live pig slaughtering enterprises declines by 26.2%
Kondarl acquires the largest pig breeding enterprise in Xiamen
Zhengbang Group to invest USD317 million in pig industry in Bayan, Heilongjiang
Sunner Development: 2012 net profit to decline by 70%-100%
Market risk fund of pig industry development launched in Ziyang, Sichuan
Pork price up sharply in early 2013 but may not continue in the whole year
Beef price rises for 11 consecutive years
China sees large increase in pork import
2012 Jiangxi leading animal husbandry enterprises gain USD16 billion in revenue
Sanquan Food intends to invest in pig breeding industry
Output of Hubei's freshwater aquatic products ranks No. 1 for 17 years continuously
Strategic cooperation established between CMBC and China Fisheries Association
China's first state-level freshwater aquatic product wholesale market located in Jingzhou
Haid Group to invest USD188 million in nine feed projects
First aquatic index in China officially released
Baiyang Group intends to purchase 100% shares of Jiadexin Food
The U.S. launches countervailing investigation on shrimp from China
2012 Guangdong Port exports of aquatic products & seafood see increase
Yashili invests USD175 million to build new milk powder factory in New Zealand
Domestic vegetable prices continue to rise in Jan. 2013
Yunnan coffee tries to gain pricing right
Lu Zhou Lao Jiao makes great efforts to develop medium-end white spirit
Jiugui Liquor: net profit down 43% at least in Q4 2012
2012/2013 State reserve of sugar launched
Heilongjiang: Q1 2013 raw milk purchasing price determined
Huishan Dairy to launch infant formula
Shunxin Agriculture to invest USD76 in wine project
COFCO Tunhe: 2012 net loss predicted to hit more than USD111 million
Mengniu Dairy denies rumors of taking over Modern Farming
China intends to finish existing food standards clear-up work by the end of 2013
China's CPI in Dec. 2012 up 2.5% YoY
China's urbanization rate hits 52.57% in 2012
China's 2012 GDP growth at 7.8%
China's 2012 foreign trade growth misses 10% target
Online shopping continues surging in 2012

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