Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bio-pesticide to Have a Bright Future in China

Bio-pesticides are certain types of pesticides derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. With people’s rising awareness of environmental protection and food safety, more and more attention have been paid to bio-pesticide, which enjoys advantages of no pollution, no residue, and high efficiency.

There are huge opportunities in China’s bio-pesticide market. The biological resources in China are abundant and the research success rate is high with low research cost. And the international community is calling for environmental protection and the state government has been providing support to China’s  bio-pesticide industry. Additionally, scientific research team of bio-pesticides is growing stronger and stronger with its increasing technology strength in China. What’s more, with the prohibition of highly toxic chemical pesticides, there is broad space that has been left for bio-pesticides. So bio-pesticides will have a bright market outlook in the future.

What kind of challenges and opportunities are there in this industry? How will China’s bio-pesticide market go in the future? What is the supply, demand, consumption, import, export situation? How about the technology development?

In order to provide you the most comprehensive overview of China’s bio-pesticide industry, CCM International has released 2 reports, namely The Survey of Bio-pesticide Industry in China and Market Analysis of Bio-pesticide Industry in China. With these two reports, readers may learn how to penetrate into the ever-increasing China market and how to seize the maximum commercial opportunities.

If you need the latest news in China’s bio-pesticide industry, you can’t miss Insecticides China News, which is a monthly publication with the updated information and company dynamic in China’s insecticide industry. Bio-pesticide is so hot that Insecticides China News will focus closely about its market trend.

In addition, it is investigated by CCM International that abamectin is the largest bio-pesticide with market value of USD213 million in 2010. The company can also offer the 2012 data of abamectin in China, including output, capacity, price, consumption, import, export, producer profile etc. Regarding other kinds of bio-pesticides, CCM International can provide customized service to meet your needs as well. For more products and services about China’s bio-pesticide industry, please contact us at econtact@cnchemicals.com.

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