Friday, August 3, 2012

Herbicides China News Focuses on Paraquat SL Restriction Issue

It's obvious that recent heated discussions in Herbicides China News is focused on governmental restriction on paraquat SL in China. Coupled with various responses aroused by the official decision in China’s herbicide industry, Herbicides China News collects diverse opinions. The detailed reports are presented in both June and July issues.

Undoubtedly, governmental policy is the key to China’s pesticide industry in China. Hence, the restriction on paraquat SL by the Chinese government triggered such a wide attention. Following the core conception of paraquat regulation, ICAMA also issued detailed instructions in terms of pesticide administration to push the SL restriction. What are the detailed registration regulations that ICAMA has released?

In the column of market dynamics, glyphosate price trend in China is most attractive because current glyphosate price appears different in comparison with the previously sluggish situation. The stable ascent in the first half of 2012 implies glyphosate may meet a nice prospect this year. Of course, this optimistic expectation should be confirmed by the coming market situation. How will the price of glyphosate go in the next season?

In addition, coupled with the gradual coming of the hottest two months, July and Aug. of every year, Chinese herbicide manufacturers suspend production one after another for maintenance and check. Accordingly, herbicide market meets slack season at present. A short-term peaceful period will come. What is the market trend of domestic herbicide industry?

More detailed information will be discovered in CCM International’s Herbicides China News, published on 15th  every month. It provides you with the latest occurrences, exclusive analysis on the market trend as well as professional reviews on competitiveness of companies, products and relative industries in China’s herbicide industry.

Headline news in the July issue of Herbicides China News:
-ICAMA issued new registration regulations to implement the official decision about paraquat restriction in China.
-Several key governmental regulations for pesticide industrial integration in China were listed in this article.
-Integration is the main characteristic of herbicide industry in China of H1 2012.
-Chinese acetochlor export is hardly shocked by the acetochlor restriction in the EU.
-Metolachlor is expected to meet nice prospect in China for the advantage of low toxicity, high efficiency, broad controlling spectrum and so on.
-Glyphosate price in China witnessed stable ascent in the first half of 2012.
-Acetochlor price level in 2012 is higher than that in 2011, resulting from the price increase of acetochlor's raw materials and the shortage of acetochlor stock this year.
… …

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