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Rice Diseases and Insect Pests to Seriously Hit Zhejiang in 2012

According to Zhejiang Plant Protection Station (ZPPS), in 2012 diseases and insect pests of major crops, especially rice, will occur more seriously in Zhejiang Province (an eastern coastal province of China) over last year, based on factors mainly including the cardinal number of overwintering diseases and insect pests, crop distribution, weather trend, etc., according to CCM International’s May issue of Insecticides China News.

It is expected that the occurrence of diseases and insect pests of wheat and rape will moderately occur, while that of rice will be serious. Among rice pests, the damage of migratory pests such as rice brown plant hopper and rice leaf folder will be as serious as that in 2011, and that of first generation of chilo suppressalis and rice sheath blight will be moderate. 

The total stricken area of rice diseases and insect pests will accumulatively reach around 8.00 million ha. in Zhejiang in 2012 with 0.67 million ha. increase compared with 7.33 million ha. in 2011. And rice plant hopper is the most serious insect pest, followed by chilo suppressalis and rice leaf folder.

White-backed plant hopper and brown plant hopper will moderately to seriously occur, with occurrence area of about 1.33 million ha. and 1.67 million ha. respectively. And the areas in which rice leaf folder's occurrence will be moderate to serious will hit about 2 million ha. The occurrence of rice stem borer, especially chilo suppressalis, varies in different regions, covering stricken area of 0.67 million ha. In the north of Zhejiang, the population of sesamia inferens will very likely rise.

Recommended insecticides to control brown rice plant hopper mainly include pymetrozine, buprofezin, chlorpyrifos, DDVP and isoprocarb; those for white backed planthopper include imidacloprid, pymetrozine, buprofezin, nitenpyram and thiamethoxam; and those for control of rice leaf roller mainly include abamectin, emamectin benzoate, chloantraniliprole, indoxacarb, phenthoate and profenofos.
In addition, rice sheath blight will moderately to seriously hit paddy fields in Zhejiang, with area of 0.87 million ha. Rice false smut and rice virus diseases such as rice stripe diseases and rice black streaked dwarf will hit the fields at a moderate way. 

The total stricken area of wheat diseases and insect pests will accumulatively hit about 0.16 million ha. in Zhejiang Province in 2012, more serious over last year. Among the pests, key species to strike wheat mainly including wheat aphid and wheat plant hopper will bring moderate or light damage to the main planting regions of wheat in Zhejiang this year. And gibberellin's damage will be moderate. 

The total stricken area of rape diseases and insect pests is predicted to accumulatively hit 0.27 million ha. in Zhejiang this year. In particular, rape stem rot will moderately to seriously strike the main planting regions of rape in Zhejiang this year. Rape sclerotium disease is one of the most serious rape diseases.       

Source: Insecticides China News 1205

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