Thursday, May 10, 2012

What is The Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus?

As a non-renewable resource, yellow phosphorus is attracting more and more attention in the world. The global yellow phosphorus production is highly concentrated, mainly in China, the USA, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, India and Vietnam. Except the Netherlands and India, phosphate ore, the main raw material of yellow phosphorus in other countries, is supplied by themselves.

The global yellow phosphorus consumption is distributed in the major production countries and major import ones. Thermal phosphoric acid takes the largest share, and next are phosphorus trichloride and phosphorus pentasulfide. Has the situation remained in the past few years? What are the differences among major players in the world? How will the future scenario be in the world and in different countries?

How does the situation differ among the world major yellow phosphorus exporters, such as China, Kazakhstan, Netherlands and the USA? Same question to the major import countries, as Germany, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, India and the USA?

With the restriction of yellow phosphorus export in some countries and the global economic depression, what is the situation of the global yellow phosphorus industry in 2011, and what will be its future prospect?

CCM International, a leading market research consulting company in China, will launch the Second Edition Report of The Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus, which is estimated to be published in May, 2012. The report mainly focus on China, USA, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, analyzing the supply/demand & production situation in these 4 countries. And it also presents you the major consumption fields of yellow phosphorus. Most importantly, the report will indicate the global flow of yellow phosphorus and  its future trend. If you are interested in this report, please feel free to contact us at

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