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Discover Potential Business in South America Crop Protection Market

Do you want to dig more deeply into the South American market, learning more about the market trend, company dynamic, advanced technology, new policies & regulations? Where will the South America crop protection market go next and how your business can get involved in? South American market is rising, what are the potential business opportunities in this boosting market?

Crop Protection South America Monthly Report, the latest newsletter published by CCM International presents you the update information about this market. The first issue has come out recently, focusing from genetically modified crops in Argentina to overall introduction of South America pesticide industry, from GMO crops to bio-energy projects etc.

Take soybean supply for example, in March 2012, Hamburg based oilseeds analysts Oil World declared that the low soybean output would lead to the decreasing stock of soybean around the world, due to the serious drought emerged in South America. It is estimated that the stock of soybean will drop to 60.6 million tonnes in Aug. 2012, from that of 76.1 million tonnes in Aug. 2011.

Many countries in South America, the most important soybean planting area, will inevitably lower their soybean output. For instance, the soybean output of Argentina is estimated to reach 46.5 million tonnes in 2012, lower than that of 2011, 49.2 million tonnes. Compared with Argentina,
Brazil, one of the biggest soybean planting country, will have a worse damage by the bad weather, whose output will be estimated to decreased to 66.5 million tonnes in 2012, from that of 75.3 million tonnes in 2011. It is forecasted that the uncertain weather will consistently affect the grain crop planting, especially the soybean planting. Check more detail about the soybean in Argentina in the first issue of Crop Protection South America Monthly Report.

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Highlighted Headline News of the First Issue Contains:
-In recent years, South America is the fastest growing region for pesticide consumption in the world.
-Argentina remained the 3rd place in planting area of Biotech Crops In 2011, trailing only behind the US and Brazil.
-Argentina, Brazil, China, Indian South Africa led GMO(genetically modified organism) growth during 2011.
-Peru approved the ban on GMO crops once again, expressing its determination to protect biodiversity within its region.
-The Stockton Group's biofungicide, Timorex Gold, recently receives registration in Chile for the use in grapes and sugar beets.
-The Argentinean team UNL-CONICET & Bioceres recently received approval for tolerance to drought and salinity.
-Syngenta vigorously develops its GMO business by launching triple stack corns in Argentina and researching sunflower technologies.
-Monsanto announced strong results in South America Region. driven primarily by expanding business in Brazil and Argentina.
-Giant grain processors and traders' investments in Brazil Agriculture aligned to their growing strategies.
… …

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