Friday, November 29, 2013

Nantong Jiangshan's operating profit increases by 2,697.38% in Q3 2013

Zhejiang Wynca exhibited paraquat 20% WG and paraquat 40% WG at the 13th AgroChemEx, showing its potential to produce paraquat non-liquid formulations.

Sichuan Hebang has revealed that it plans to construct a 50,000t/a glyphosate production project. In view of Sichuan Hebang's method and cost advantages that it will gain upon the completion of the glyphosate project, Sichuan Hebang is expected to become a top glyphosate manufacturer in China.

Although Monsanto suffered a net loss of USD249 million in Q4 2013 (June 2013-Aug. 2013), it still managed to achieve a net income of USD2,482 million in the 2013 fiscal year (Sept. 2012-Aug. 2013), up by 21% YoY.

ICAMA released the exposure draft of the Advice on the Registration Management of Glyphosate and Its Salt Products on 8 Oct., 2013. From the perspective of positive influence, this registration management advice is expected to be widely accepted by glyphosate companies in China and the clauses in the advice are also expected to be the formal registration clauses of glyphosate.

Because of the thriving market and the rising profitability of glyphosate, Zhejiang Wynca, Nantong Jiangshan and Anhui Huaxing all achieved excellent operating performances and stock performances in the first nine months of 2013.

The total A.I. volume (100% glyphosate acid equivalent) of China's export glyphosate related products in Q3 2013 increased by 46% and 18% compared with Q3 2011 and Q3 2012 respectively. The total export value in Q3 2013 was up by 141% and 60% compared with Q3 2011 and Q3 2012 respectively.

There were nine registrations for glyphosate products approved during Oct. 2013. Five were new registrations, and four were renewed registrations. Thus, China has approved 86 registration certificates of glyphosate products from 1 Jan., 2013 to 31 Oct., 2013, among which 41 were new registrations, and 45 were renewed registrations.

The ex-works prices of glyphosate technical and four glyphosate formulations continued to decline in mid-Nov. 2013.

The Sept. 2013 export volumes, with an exception for PMIDA, suffered MoM declines. The export volumes of glyphosate technical and glyphosate formulations decreased by 16.27% and 2.75% MoM respectively in Sept. 2013. However, the export prices of glyphosate technical, PMIDA and glyphosate formulations all recorded YoY growth in Sept. 2013.

Source: Glyphosate China Monthly Report issued by CCM in November.

Nantong Jiangshan's operating profit increases by 2,697.38% in Q3 2013
Zhejiang Wynca to introduce paraquat 20% WG and paraquat 40% WG
Sichuan Hebang expected to become top glyphosate manufacturer
Monsanto's net income increases by 21% in fiscal year 2013
China to strengthen glyphosate registration management
Operating performance comparison among Zhejiang Wynca, Nantong Jiangshan and Anhui Huaxing in Q1-Q3 2013
Review of Chinese glyphosate exports in Q3 2013
Nine glyphosate registrations in Oct. 2013
Glyphosate technical price keeps decreasing in Nov. 2013
Export volume of glyphosate technical decreases by 16.27% in Sept. 2013

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