Monday, November 4, 2013

Find Hot News in Crop Protection Monthly Report 1310

Enterprises should try to turn challenges into opportunities
Some pesticide enterprises have been actively promoting their business with the cooperatives.
Specialized farmer cooperatives drive direct selling of pesticides
Specialized farmer cooperatives drive direct selling of pesticides.
State policies seek to boost development of specialized farmers' cooperatives
Several released policies and guidelines for the cooperatives, aimed at supervising and forwarding the cooperatives and therefore increasing their competitiveness.
Irregularities and lack of funds hinder development of cooperatives
The model of the specialized farmers' cooperatives confronted with plenty of problems at this first stage of its development.
Specialized farmers cooperatives to boost China's agriculture
The specialized farmers' cooperatives are likely to boost farmers' income.
Corporate-like management for specialized farmers' cooperatives
The specialized farmers' cooperative is a kind of economic organization aiming at profitability and providing members with services.
Number of specialized farmers' cooperatives skyrockets since 2007
In some developed countries, farmers' cooperatives play critical roles in agricultural industry as key suppliers.

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