Monday, November 4, 2013

Find Hot News in Seed China News 1310

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Seed China News:
Potato prices overall run high in 2013
Domestic potato prices have been overall running high in 2013, mainly due to shrinking potato acreage.
China's soybean planting still not optimistic
China's soybean output in 2013 will probably be flat or slightly down over last year, in view of the unit yield decrease caused by the flood disaster in Heilongjiang in August. Low planting benefits may continue to dampen growers' enthusiasm for soybean planting, resulting in decrease of future soybean acreage.
Daiweisen tomato: seed sales in Shandong rise sharply
Daiweisen, a large red tomato variety bred by Hazera, has experienced significant growth in seed sales this year in Shandong, mainly due to its attractiveness and an efficient sales strategy.
Denghai618 to underpin Shandong Denghai's further growth
Denghai618, a new hybrid corn variety bred by Shandong Denghai, is expected to become a strong profit generator due to its high yield potential.
Brief overview of Hunan's rice seed market
Rice acreage declines in Hunan, resulting in increasingly intense competition in seed sales, and a surplus of hybrid rice seeds. Growers have been gradually accepting high-priced, high-efficiency hybrid seeds.
Rising cucumber prices boost seed sales in northern China
Rising cucumber prices starting in August stimulated farmers' enthusiasm for cucumber planting, boosting the sales of cucumber seeds in northern China.
Hefei Fengle suffers heavy losses in first three quarters of 2013
Hefei Fengle suffered an estimated net loss of over USD10.53 million in the first three quarters of 2013, mainly due to weak sales of its hybrid seeds, and trading losses on spices.
Beidahuang Kenfeng constructing corn seed processing plant in Xinjiang
On 23 Sept. 2013, Beidahuang Kenfeng initiated the construction of a large corn seed processing plant in Xinjiang in cooperation with the No.9 Agricultural Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

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