Friday, November 29, 2013

Import volume increased by 22.42% while export volume declined by 6.46% in Sept.

Although the expansion of domestic titanium feedstock production capacity has reduced the domestic market's reliance on imports, domestic TiO2 producers will still use imported titanium feedstock to mix with domestic titanium feedstock in order to meet quality requirements, according to Titanium China Monthly Report issued by CCM in October.

Both the domestic TiO2 price and titanium feedstock price kept stable during mid-Oct. to mid-Nov. and is likely to remain steady throughout the rest of 2013.

Although the TiO2 shipment volume and the market condition of domestic TiO2 improved during Q3 2013 compared with Q2, the domestic TiO2 price is not likely to rise rapidly in Q4. Also, TiO2 enterprises' full year financial performances are predicted to be disappointing.

The domestic TiO2 price will inevitably edge down following the end of the traditional selling season because the downstream demand remains weak. However, technological breakthroughs in new application fields should bring about new opportunities for growth in China's TiO2 industry.

Henan Billions is entering into the upstream TiO2 industry by constructing a titanium slag production facility. The facility will not only guarantee its raw materials supply, but will also reduce the cyclical fluctuations in its profits.

 In the China Titanium Week 2013, associations from Sichuan and Yunnan Province introduced the condition of local titanium industry, deputation of Vietnam invited Chinese partners to invest Vietnamese titanium industry, delegates considered the sluggish market status would last to the end of 2013.

The recovery of the wind power industry will provide opportunities to upstream industries, including the heavy duty coating industry. This will stimulate the demand for TiO2 as it is applied in heavy duty coating manufacturing.

CPI Yuanda has acquired 100% of its SCR TiO2 supplier Puyuan Chemical. This acquisition helps CPI Yuanda achieve vertical integration and will make the competition in the SCR TiO2 market even more intense.

"Double 11" shopping festival did not bring the expected sales to the coating industry. E-commerce penetration for coating products still faces many problems.

Table of Contents of TiO2 China Monthly Report 1311:
Import volume increased by 22.42% while export volume declined by 6.46% in Sept.
Domestic titanium feedstock supply increased in Sept. as domestic capacity expanded
Domestic TiO2 price kept stable from mid-Oct. to mid-Nov.
Domestic TiO2 market is improving as profitability improved and inventories fell in Q3
Domestic TiO2 price may edge down after the traditional selling season
Henan Billions to raise capital for its titanium slag project
The China Titanium Week 2013: sluggish market status would last to the end of 2013
Wind power industry to bring recovering demand for heavy duty coating
CPI Yuanda acquires upstream SCR TiO2 supplier
China's "Double 11" online shopping festival fails to live up to expectations for the coating industry

Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report, issued by CCM on 25th, is mainly comprised of five columns of news and reports related to TiO2 market, including “Supply & Demand”, “Company Dynamics”, “Upstream”, “Downstream” and “Price Update”. You can find out more business opportunities through the latest and helpful information provided in the report.

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