Thursday, March 28, 2013

Less is More ---CCM’s Content Chunk, a micro-report database online available for access

Content Chunk is a micro-report database online launched by CCM in 2012. It features more than 1,000,000 chunks of information, which is widely involved in numerous industries, including agriculture, chemicals, energies, economics, investment, finance, food, ingredients, minerals, mining, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, printing, packaging, etc. 

Given that a lot of customers often need to search varied kinds of information through internet with a convenient and effective way, CCM created this online database to meet this problem. According to CCM, the information in Content Chunk has different types of presentation forms, namely text, figure, picture, table, and group (group refers to a collection of information integrated by texts, figures, pictures and tables). All information provided in Content Chunk are derived from CCM’s various comprehensive newsletters and market reports, so all information are reliable and accurate, other than those massive amount of information obtained through other search engines, for which users usually have to spend much time on screening the information till they find out what exactly they need.

By accessing to Content Chunk, users can get the target information immediately at their fingertips, so this can greatly improve their work efficiency. Content Chunk will be a very practical tool for those users who are in great demand for information to assist in conducting their academic researches, market surveys, etc. In addition to saving time, users can also save money on it, as they only need to pay for the target information. According to CCM, there is a free trial available for all users now to experience the convenience and benefits of Content Chunk.

What’s more, CCM is going to hold a webinar introducing Content Chunk on 3rd April. Through the webinar, you can know more about Content Chunk and find out how it works to facilitate the information search progress.

The webinar is for free. But registration is required. For more information, please visit

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