Thursday, March 28, 2013

Forecast on the HS shell & major crop diseases

Demand for forestry pesticides in China is huge, and local governments procure lots of pesticides and pesticide machinery for the control of forest insect pests every year. Thus, the potential purchasers of the HS shell are mainly governments and forestry industry associations. If the HS shell proves to perform efficiently in the control of forest insect pests, it may be adopted for application in agricultural pesticides for the protection of fruit trees, tea trees, etc. from pests.

National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center (NATESC) recently forecasted that major crop diseases and insect pests will be very serious in China in 2013, with a total occurrence area reaching about 366.67 million ha. Among all, major crop diseases will still include wheat scab, rice blast, corn northern leaf blight, potato late blight as well as wheat stripe rust, with the predicted stricken areas of about 5.33 million ha., 5.33 million ha., 4.67 million ha., 2.33 million ha. and 2.00 million ha., respectively.

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