Friday, March 29, 2013

Trade Analysis—A Vital Tool in Trading Business

With the globalization of economy in recent years, trading business has been playing a more vital role in the world’s economy development. People are in high demand for valuable intelligence relating to trading activities, so as to find out the latest trading situations of their target products, customers and competitors.

Since its establishment in 2001, CCM has been devoted itself to conducting market research on a variety of industries, including chemicals, energy, agricultural, life science, etc. As a leader in the field of market research for over one decade, CCM revealed that its trade analysis service aimed to offer the updated, objective and accurate statistics and summaries of target products to manufacturers, importers, and exporters across the world.,

According to CCM, the raw data of its trade analysis are obtained from China Customs, CCM’s independent research findings and other research channels, and finally analyzed by CCM’s experienced analysts.

“At present, China Customs can provide three types of raw data resources, namely 8-digit data, 10-digit data and port data. If people intend to purchase the data from China Customs and try to figure out a complete summary by themselves, it will take considerable time. That’s why we are committed to offering our clients trade analysis service,” introduced Mr. Du Hong Xiang, manager of CCM’s Client Center.  

Mr. Du also revealed that CCM’s trade analysis will be more important for client’s business starting from this year, as China Customs is attempting to further tighten the access to the raw data resources. If so, China Customs will not provide the 10-digit data anymore. According to our observation and feedbacks from several clients, this new policy is quite likely to be implemented soon,” added Mr. Du.

According to CCM, once China Customs carries out the new policy, people will meet more difficulty in obtaining the market data they need. “We have successfully established a reliable and exclusive methodology in data processing and analytics, even without 10-digit data resources, we can still conduct accurate data summaries based on 8-digit data resources to meet client’s needs,” remarked Mr. Du.    

The trade analysis by CCM, as introduced, can help clients indentify the export and import situations of target products in several industries, particular in chemicals and agricultural industries. Not only can it offer export volume, price, time, source, destination countries, specification, but also the information of exporters, manufacturers, etc.

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