Thursday, November 29, 2012

Signs of recovery in glyphosate industry

China's economy recovers first in the world. With the increasing pace of urbanization, the demand in agricultural markets such as glyphosate market will rapidly increase as glyphosate's use in gardening increases. It is expected that in the next few years China's glyphosate market demand will maintain a momentum of rapid growth, therefore, the demand for glyphosate in domestic and international markets in the future remains favorable.
According to the survey, glyphosate factories mainly have at least 2 to 3 months’s or more orders, and customers basically are terminal or overseas dealers. Glyphosate factories are generally in their previous orders, and right now there is no goods available for sale. In addition, the price of local glyphosate has influenced the overseas downstream market. For example, price of glyphosate product in Argentina has reached USD4 per kilogram in Sep., 20% more than that in July/Aug. which priced USD3.2-3.3 per kilogram, and thus affecting the price of crops.
CCM's coming global report World Outlook of Glyphosate 2012-2016 provides readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding on global glyphosate market through the following aspects.
p       Key suppliers and their competition strategies;
p       Demand by world region (6 continents and 12 selected countries);
p       Use of glyphosate in crop protection in 12 countries;
p       Worldwide flow of glyphosate;
p       Price fluctuation;
p       Future direction of the market with reliable historical data and insightful forecast in the coming five years.

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