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More insecticides to be registered as OD formulation

The approval of DuPont's cyantraniliprole is one of the most hottest topics in domestic insecticide industry recently. Besides cyantraniliprole's innovative action mode and good control effect, its formulation type also draws much attention. DuPont's cyantraniliprole is formulated as oil dispersions (OD), which is very rare for insecticide products in domestic market at present, according to CCM’s October issue of Insecticides China News

Some pesticide dealers even reveal that they never heard of OD formulation before. Well, they are not to blame. After all, DuPont's cyantraniliprole OD formulation is only the second insecticide OD formulation in China. Before that, Jiangxi Tianren Ecology Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Tianren) registered 30 billion spores/g of beauveria bassiana oil dispersion (OD) to control rice leaf folder in early 2012, which is the only registration of insecticide OD back then in China (Insecticide China News 1204, P14).
In fact, OD formulation is not a new formulation. China has over 190 registrations for OD formulation at present; thereinto, two for insecticides, one for plant growth regulator and the rest for herbicides such as nicosulfuron, atrazine, mesotrione, etc., according to the data from the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA).
However, this situation is expected to be changed in near future. "Besides herbicides, some companies are developing and registering insecticide OD products and fungicide OD products at present." Said Mr. Qin from Jiangsu Sinvochem S&D Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Sinvochem), a chemical company dedicated to polymer surfactant development and application on eco-friendly pesticide formulations.
As disclosed by Mr. Qin, insecticide AIs expected to be formulated as OD products in near future include abamectin, spinosad, emamectin benzoate, indoxacarb, pymetrozine, thiamethoxam, thiacloprid, spirotetramat, etc. 

At present, most of the pesticides are formulated as EC formulation. However, the government restricts the application of EC formulation because this formulation is harmful to the environment. As a result, the development of eco-friendly formulations such as SC, ME, WDG, EW, etc., is very hot in domestic market at present.
OD formulation is not so hot as the formulations mentioned above, but it also attracts some companies. It is expected that OD formulation will become hot because it owns some advantages such as its improved absorbability and strong adhesion, etc.
However, insiders reveal that the processing technology of OD formulation in China lags behind some overseas companies. The AI content of OD formulation produced by domestic companies is still very low at present. To better promote this formulation, companies should pay more attention to its R&D.

Source: Insecticides China News 1210

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