Thursday, November 22, 2012

After-effect from DAP's closing export windows emerges in Oct.

With enlarged gap between China’s DAP supply and demand in H2 2012, some negative impacts are gradually exposed after China closed the window of low export tariff for DAP in Oct. 2012, such as low operating rate and continuously falling price, according to CCM’s November issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report.

The wholesale price index for DAP abbreviated to CPPI (China Phosphate Price Index) had been down in a row from the first week of Oct. 2012. And at the last week of Oct., the CPPI sunk to the lowest reading since the first time CPPI was published by China National Agricultural Means of Production Circulation Association (CNAMPCA) in June 2012.
In general, CPPI can directly reflect China’s market trend of DAP. CPPI consists of wholesale price from phosphate fertilizer dealers in China’s 17 main consumption provinces (More details about CPPI see page 5 issue 6 Vol.2: China publishes the first wholesale price for DAP).
In addition to continuously falling price, the operating rate of DAP started to slide in Oct. 2012. According to the data monitor from CNAMPCA, China’s overall operating rate fell to 60%-70% this Oct., compared with 75%-80% in Sept. In addition, the production of low-level DAP (with low content of phosphorus) is generally suspended in China.

Source: Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1211

Headlines of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1211

Editor's Note
Headlines of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1211

Phosphorus ore
Company Dynamics: Sichuan Hebang fuels expansion of phosphorus business  
Policy & Legislation: China’s 2013 export quota application for phosphorus ore starts      
Project Progress: Zhijing Project to make new progress

Yellow Phosphorus
Industry Dynamics: Yellow phosphorus to see interrupted shipment till late Nov.

Phosphate Fertilizer
Company Dynamics: Wengfu to scale up production in Gansu Province   
Industry Dynamics: After-effect from DAP’s closing export windows emerges in Oct.    

Fine Phosphate Chemical
Company Dynamics: Jiangsu Chengxing to extend business to Guangxi Province    
Industry Dynamics: Failed extension project treated with caution 

Global Insight
Vietnam to raise export tariff of phosphorus ore

Supply & Demand
Market review of prime phosphate chemicals in Oct. 2012 

Import & Export
International trade situation of phosphate chemicals in Sept. 2012 

Price Update
Price monitor of some phosphate chemicals in Oct. 2012 
… …

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