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Inner Mongolia's grass industry confronted with challenges

Inner Mongolia's grass industry has been confronted with several challenges, such as grassland degradation year by year, Lagging artificial grassland construction, insufficient pasture supply versus increasing livestock number and frequent occurrence of natural disasters.

Analysis on China's cotton seed market from industrial chain perspective

A series of unfavorable factors, such as the implementation of the throwing Reserve policy, high inventory, sluggish downstream consumption, price gap of domestic and international cotton, increasing larbors costs, etc., would be delivered to domestic cotton growing, or even the upstream industry chain——cotton seed industry in 2013/2014.

Analysis on corn variety Demeiya

The Demeiya (德美亚) series, an early-maturing corn variety, has been widely planted in the northern part of Heilongjiang Province. Starch processing enterprises and feed processing enterprises are cautious regarding the use of Demeiya corn, mainly due to its hard grain and high content of colloid.

Oversupply in China's corn seed market and revelations from it

China's corn seed industry has been struggling with oversupply, which has largely been caused by the blind expansion of companies, the inadequate protection of intellectual property rights and the influx of hot money into the seed industry. There are several revelations from the oversupply.

Brief introduction of Guangdong corn seed market

Guangdong is an increasingly important sweet corn seed market in China, featuring different varieties such as Kupula(库普拉), Shuangsexianmi (双色先蜜), Xiantian5 (先甜5), and others.

Winall Hi-tech to establish three subsidiaries

Winall Hi-tech is going to establish three subsidiaries, seeking to expand its existing seed businesses and improve its performance.

GM foods overly rejected in China

GM foods have been overly rejected in China, but the need for GM crops depends on people's lifestyles.

Cooperation between seed enterprises and research institutes: undesirable

Cooperation between research institutes adhering to the planned economy and seed enterprises heading for the market economy cannot be a success due to the contrasting philosophies of the two sides, which causes seed enterprises to give up technological innovation, and to become a permanent "seed supermarket" instead.

Policy on grain purchasing and subsidy implemented again

Measures for the Administration of Subsidies on the Purchasing Cost of Newly Produced Japonica Rice and Corns in Northeast China released in late Nov. 2013 is expect to stabilize japonica rice prices and boost corn prices in the near future.

Beidahuang Kenfeng terminates cooperation with SOPO on backdoor listing

Beidahuang Kenfeng has given up on a backdoor listing and has instead applied for an IPO to get listed, probably owing to the adjustment of the necessary requirements for a listing. 

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