Monday, May 20, 2013

Blossoming Opportunities in China’s Titanium Dioxide Industry

With the fast development of the TiO2 industry, China has reversed from a net importer of TiO2 to a net exporter in recent years. Meanwhile, China is also one of the most important TiO2 consumption markets worldwide. Under this circumstance, what opportunities will the TiO2 industry players meet? What will the supply and demand trend of China’s TiO2 industry be? In order to find out the answers, CCM has conducted a thorough research on China’s TiO2 industry and compiled the report China Titanium Dioxide Opportunity.
The report focuses on “opportunity analysis”, which is one of the factors most concerned by the TiO2 industry players. Main contents regarding the opportunity analysis include: analysis on emerging markets in China’s TiO2 industry; analysis on China’s chloride TiO2 industry, and analysis on China’s SCR TiO2 industry. What’s more, CCM also put an emphasis on strategies for sales channels of China’s TiO2, and strategies for finding overseas titanium resources.

As introduced by CCM, it has been engaged in market research in the TiO2 industry since 2003. With more than 10 years’ experience, CCM can stay up-to-date with the dynamics of the TiO2 industry and release monthly newsletters and annual reports to reveal the market situation. With regard to the report, CCM remarked that the TiO2 industry’s players can discover opportunities in China’s titanium dioxide industry after perusing the report. Highlights are including:

l         Finding out emerging markets in China;
l         Finding out opportunities in China’s chloride TiO2 market;
l         Understand the current status and future trend of China’s SCR TiO2 market;
l         Obtain the intelligence on the consumption and price forecast of China’s TiO2 industry;
l         Understand the difference of the sales channels between domestic TiO2 companies and overseas TiO2 companies;
l         Know more about the strategies for finding overseas titanium resources;  

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