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ICAMA Implements Paraquat Restriction

Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture, P.R. China (ICAMA) issued new regulations on paraquat registration in early June, 2012, in a move to follow the official decision to restrict paraquat SL in China, according to CCM International’s July issue of Herbicides China News.

On April 24, 2012, three Chinese governmental departments—the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) jointly proclaimed an announcement to restrict paraquat SL in consideration of "human safety in agricultural production". According to one term of the new regulations, all current product labels as well as all current registrations and production permits of paraquat SL products must be modified before Jan. 1, 2013, otherwise they will be cancelled as a result. (Herbicides China News 1205: China takes restriction on paraquat)

Specializing in nationwide pesticide registration and administration with the main responsibilities for registration, quality control, bioassay and residue monitoring of pesticides, supervision of pesticide markets, information-sharing, international cooperation and other services, in terms of paraquat registration, ICAMA drew up detailed administrative regulations as below:

1. All provincial institutes for the control of agrochemicals should immediately stop administrative acceptance and sanction on the field experiments and the application for registration of paraquat TK and paraquat SL (including single SL and mixed SL).

2. Paraquat SL manufacturers in China should update relevant registration certificates and permit labels before Oct. 31, 2012:
a) Paraquat SL manufacturers should provide the original registration certificate, the original label specimen, the substance label, as well as new label specimen, origin proof of TK, illustration of product composition, 24-hour first aid hotline, etc., when they apply the modification of paraquat registration;

b) Safety warning slogan should be featured in new paraquat SL label specimen with intense color contrast or large character size;

c) New label specimen should also include 24-hour first aid hotline. And the specialized 24-hour service of paraquat first aid should be provided by experienced medical personnel in the general hospital.

3. Those unmodified or unsanctioned paraquat labels will be cancelled and new paraquat products without new label will be forbidden to come on the market in China after Jan. 1, 2013.

4. Emetic, odor agents and colorant should be added into the paraquat TK products. And those paraquat TK manufacturers who want to own paraquat SL export qualification should apply for the paraquat SL export registration by modifying current SL registrations with their active TK and SL registration certificates and production permits after July 1, 2014, when all current registrations and production permits of paraquat SL and mixed paraquat SL will be cancelled in China except the export ones.

5. Others:
a) Paraquat TK source of SL manufacturers should be relatively stable, and must be checked by ICAMA if the TK source changes;

b) Paraquat SL manufacturers should ensure that current old-labelled paraquat will be withdrawn from circulation in China after Dec. 31, 2013, and new-labelled paraquat will also be withdrawn from Chinese market after July 1, 2016, when all products of paraquat SL are forbidden to sell and apply in China. The SL products are recommended to be packed in plastic bottles with thin bottleneck in the future so that the liquid outflow time can be prolonged. It's necessary to make a record of material purchase, production and sales, and the finished paraquat SL should be companied with instruction, first aid booklet and active carbon;

c) Provincial institutes for the control of agrochemicals should aggressively promote and implement the decision about paraquat restriction. And examinations and checks will be implemented by ICAMA and relevant governmental departments in the future.

(Relative background and details about the official decision of paraquat restriction in China were mentioned in Herbicides China News 1205: China takes restriction on paraquat; other relative discussions were reported in Herbicides China News 1202, 1206.)

Source: Herbicides China News 1207

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