Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Botanical Insecticide Production Base Settles in Henan

On 9 June, 2012, the foundation-laying ceremony of a botanical insecticide production base was held in Sheqi County, a key tobacco planting region in Henan Province. By extracting nicotine and solanesol from tobacco and other plants, the production base aims to supply low-toxic and inexpensive biological insecticides to domestic farmers, according to CCM International’s July issue of Insecticides China News.
After being put into operation in 2013, the production base will be able to process 70,000 tonnes of plant raw materials each year, outputting 300 tonnes of 98% botanical nicotine with purity over 98% and 420 tonnes of botanical solanesol with purity over 90%. Eventually, about 40,000 tonnes of biological insecticides and 50,000 tonnes of bio-organic fertilizers would be produced with a maximum capacity annually.
The production base totally covers an area of 27 ha., with total investment of nearly USD95.24 million (RMB600 million) from Henan Boyi Investment Co., Ltd. (Henan Boyi, a prominent high-tech biological investor in Henan Province). It is expected that an annual revenue of USD439.60 million (RMB2.8 billion) would be generated after the formal launch.
According to Liu Gang, President of Henan Boyi, the sub-critical fluid extraction technology will be applied to extract nicotine and solanesol from tobacco leaf and other plant materials. Compared with conventional extraction methods, this technology owns multiple advantages, such as environmentally friendly, perfectly maintaining the activity of extracts, energy saving, low operation cost, etc. Mr. Liu also revealed that botanical pesticides will be developed and produced relied on the effective compounding of target products extracted from plant materials. 
The biological insecticide production project of Henan Boyi reveives strong support from governments for its merits of energy-conservative and eco-friendly. Delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and local government took part in the foundation-laying ceremony. 

Botanical insecticides are a hot field of research at present. Several botanical insecticides have been applied by domestic farmers at present, such as matrine, nicotine, rotenone, pyrethrins and azadirachtin.
Eco-friendliness, easy degradation, low residue and low resistance generated by pests make botanical pesticides well recognized, which are superior to chemical pesticides. Botanical pesticides are embracing a great development chance, said Director Zhang Xing from Northwest A&F University.
Highly toxic pesticides are banned one after another in China, while eco-friendly pesticides, like botanical insecticides, are enjoying a steadily increasing demand. As mentioned in the Decision on Speeding up Cultivation and Development of Strategic Infant Industry promulgated by the State Council, the Chinese government will "pay attention to cultivate biological breeding industry and promote green agricultural biological products to stimulate the development of biological agriculture" in the future. 

Source: Insecticides China News 1207

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