Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guangxi: rice acreage shrinks and competition rises among seed suppliers

Eyeing at higher plant efficiency, a number of farmers give up rice planting and turn to other crops, such as sugarcane, corn, mulberry and eucalyptus, or change the double cropping of rice per year into single cropping per year.

Despite the shrinking acreage of rice in Guangxi, the hybrid rice seed market, especially the late-season rice seed market, still attracts rice seed players both inside and outside Guangxi. Due to the special location, the sales season of late-season rice seeds in Guangxi is usually at the mid of June every year, much later than that in northern regions, which provides a separate market for rice seed players.
There are quite abundant rice varieties in Guangxi market and the competition is increasingly intense.
Some excellent rice varieties, such as Y Liangyou1, Shenliangyou5814 and Zhongzheyou1 promoted by rice seed players outside Guangxi have occupied a leading position in Guangxi market. Compared with adventive rivals, local rice seed suppliers are generally weak in sales and breeding capacity, but there are still some excellent varieties bred by local agricultural institutes recognized in the market, such as Teyou582 and Yexiangyou9.
Hybrid rice seeds are in the state of excess supply in Guangxi. Revealed by Tang Zhongping, Deputy Director of Guangxi Seed Administration Bureau, the total demand for hybrid rice seeds was around 12 million kg in 2012 while the supply exceeded 17.80 million kg, with the supply and demand ratio hitting 1.48:1.

It is expected that the market share of high-quality rice varieties will have an uptrend in Guangxi. At present, growers are willing to plant rice varieties with soft, fragrant and good-tasting grain, instead of the simply high-yielding varieties. Actually, high quality already becomes the first requirement on a rice variety in Guangxi market.

Guangxi is one of the major rice planting regions in China, with rice acreage staying above 2 million ha. in recent years, about 60% of which is occupied by hybrid rice varieties. Based on geographical and climatic conditions, Guangxi rice planting is divided into four major areas, namely northern Guangxi, central Guangxi, southern Guangxi and highland areas. Overall, late-season rice makes up a large part in Guangxi, usually sowed around August every year.

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