Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Find Hot News in Crop Protection Monthly Report 1309

Reinforce R&D investment and cooperation in bio-pesticide industry
China has been reinforcing R&D investment on bio-pesticides and strengthening the cooperation among enterprises, institutes and universities
Application for bio-pesticide registration to be simplified
In recent years, some procedures and the submitted materials which are relatively unimportant for bio-pesticide registration are allowed to be remitted gradually in China
Development of organic, green, unpolluted food facilitates bio-pesticides
The huge market of bio-pesticides mainly lies in the food safety besides environment protection.
Government continues to subsidize bio-pesticides
In April 2013, the MOA issued a central policy document, which stated that China would continue to carry out project of subsidizing policy about using bio-pesticides and other low-toxic pesticides in some provinces as demonstrating area in 2013
Bio-pesticides in China: product structure and industry's dynamic
Abamectin still captures most of China's bio-pesticide market shares.
It's an uphill battle for domestic companies in the bio-pesticide business
Of bio-pesticide manufacturers in China, most are small-scale, engaged in the production of generic products with low profit margins, and with limited R&D abilities.
Bio-pesticides to seize opportunity during pesticides' upgrading process
Bio-pesticides are supposed to grab the opportunity on the upgrading process of the pesticide industry.
China's bio-pesticide industry cannot keep up with pesticides in general
China's bio-pesticide industry is in fast development and has shown promising prospects.

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