Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Find Hot News in Biomaterials China News 1310

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Biomaterials China News:
Hubei Guanghe successfully produces biological plastics
Hubei Guanghe, a new entrant in the domestic PLA industry, has successfully produced from biological plastics in Sept. 2013.
Three companies to establish a new biotech company
China's import volume of castor oil and its derivatives decreases in Aug. 2013
In Aug. 2013, China imported 27,705.4 tonnes of castor oil and its derivatives, with an average import price of USD1,306/t. Both the import volume and import price recorded monthly declines from July 2013.
China's import volume of dry cassava decreases in Aug. 2013
In Aug. 2013, China's import volume and import price of dry cassava decreased slightly month on month.
China's PLA import volume decreases in Aug. 2013
In Aug. 2013, China's import and export volumes of PLA were approximately 616.4 tonnes and 19.7 tonnes respectively, both witnessing a decrease compared to July 2013.
China's PO price has been increasing from early May 2013
The domestic ex-works price of PO has risen continuously since early May 2013. However, the rising price of PO has had little effect on the domestic PPC price.
Enterprises in the bioplastic packaging industry make significant breakthroughs
The world's leading enterprises related to bioplastic packaging industry have made significant breakthroughs regarding the production of more environmentally friendly packaging in 2013.
Three companies plan to develop bio-based polyhydric alcohol
On Aug. 29, 2013, Mitsui Chemicals, Itoh Oil Chemicals and Jayant Agro-Organics signed a cooperation agreement about establishing a new bio-based polyhydric alcohol plant in India.
China's corn price decreases slightly from Aug. 2013
The domestic corn price witnessed a slight rise in July 2013, but has gradually declined since Aug. 2013.
Doctors in Zhongshan Hospital implant degradable stents
5.6 billion paper packages of milk beverage recycled in China in H1 2013
A Dutch teenager invents a garbage collection device
Guinea-Bissau imposes ban on use of plastic bags in commodity trade
China's enterprises actively establish new biological PDO programs in 2013
In 2013, China's PDO enterprises are actively establishing new biological PDO programs, trying to reduce the import dependence.

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