Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Trial for CCM’s Titanium Dioxide Database

Since 30th September 2013, CCM has launched a series of free trial services, which provide clients with the chance to experience CCM’s newly launched online databases. Following the release of the first database, Argo Database, which offers a free trial lasting from 1st October to 31st October, CCM is going to open the free trial access to another database—Titanium Dioxide Database from 18th October to 18th November. During these 30 days, subscribers can freely access to the database to know more.

Titanium Dioxide Database Offers:
l  Monthly newsletters with the latest intelligence in relation to China’s TiO2 industry;
l  Monthly update of market data like export analysis, production situation, producer information and consumption situation coverage;
l  Monthly update of data reports on price monitoring, trade analysis, price forecast and cost analysis;
l  Annual market report with in-depth analysis and forecast;
l  Daily update of TiO2-related information entries in Content Chunk

Benefits for Database Users:
l  Real-time updates offering you the most latest market intelligence in China’s TiO2 market; 
l  Database contents shareable with your inner users;
l  Convenient access to the database contents at any time from any location

Coverage of Markets:
Currently, Titanium Dioxide Database covers a wide range of markets and has captured great attention from worldwide industrial players ranging from producers & processors to traders, consuming market buyers, end market consumers, etc. Through the diversified contents of our database, users can understand the current status and the prospective status in domestic TiO2 market, new producing or processing technologies or methods in relation to target products, relevant government policies, latest and historical data of target products involved in the whole industry chain.
The free trial period for CCM’s Titanium Dioxide Database is only one month. Don’t miss out on the opportunity! For more information, please visit:

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