Friday, January 25, 2013

The situation of domestic fluoride chemical industry, 2012

As the raw materials and accessories of organic fluorine industry, metallurgy industry and electronic industry, inorganic fluoride chemical is an important part of fluorine chemical industry. At present, domestic inorganic fluoride industry is still in its infancy. Compared with the international advanced technology, domestic techniques of inorganic fluoride production are still at a low level. Many domestic manufacturers still produce low-end inorganic fluoride products. And there is a certain gap between China and developed countries in technology. In addition, about 60% of the refined product industry (electronic grade fluoride) still relies on import.

In Aug. 2012, most fluorine chemicals were still in sales depression and their prices kept downtrend in China. For example, the prices of 80% fluorite lump and 97% fluorite wet powder were about USD226/t and USD233/t in Aug. 2012, down by 2.21% and 4.99% compared with that in July 2012 respectively. Actually, the sales depression has started since Jan. 2012, and most fluorine chemical enterprises' operating performance had fallen a lot in H1 2012 accordingly. Like Shanghai 3F's total revenues and operating profit in H1 2012 decreased by 40.80% and 83.07% respectively compared with H1 2011.

What's worse, Chinese electronic grade HF industry now has to face a big threat from the EC's anti-dumping policy. On Sept. 6, 2012, EC decided to launch an anti-dumping probe into Chinese photovoltaic exports. The preliminary determination and provisional anti-dumping duty rate will be announced in nine months and the final determination will be announced in fifteen months. Months ago, Chinese photovoltaic industry, a downstream consumer of Chinese electronic grade HF industry, was hit by the US anti-dumping duty and countervailing duty, and as a result it nearly gave up the US market. This time, Chinese photovoltaic industry obviously shows more worries because the EU market accounts for the largest ratio in China's photovoltaic exports. As predicted by an insider, the price of aluminum fluoride is unlikely to rise in a short time and the future trend of the aluminum fluoride price mainly depends on the demand from electrolytic aluminum industry.

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