Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Steady Growth of Sugar Alcohol Price in China

As the deep processed products widely used in pharmacy and food industries, sugar alcohols are more and more popular, especially VC and sugar-free chewing gum industries. The demand for sugar alcohols in the domestic market has been growing fast, driving up market prices of sugar alcohols over the past 10 years.

Sharing some similar features with sugar and having good thermostability, sugar alcohol products are increasingly popular in food and health care products industry. In China, there are five major types of sugar alcohols: sorbitol, mannitol, erythritol, xylitol and maltitol. With the steady growth of sugar alcohols’ prices, then in 2012-2013, domestic market prices of sugar alcohols tended to be stable overall; however, the market prices of some sugar alcohol products even declined due to the oversupply and the weak demand.

To clearly describe the prices of sugar alcohols in China in 2013 and give readers some constructive opinions, CCM has obtained lots of information with diverse methods to compile a full report, Sugar Alcohol Price in China, about the prices analysis of sugar alcohols in the following aspects:
-       Overview of sugar alcohol industry in China
-       Price of sugar alcohols in China in 2013 (by month)
-       Price trend of sugar alcohol industry
-       Price analysis of sugar alcohol industry
-       Influencing factors and price forecast in 2014

All of these sugar alcohols can be used as food additives in varieties of foods along with the emergence of the concept of sugar-free or low-sugar. Besides, rising awareness of healthy diet pushes up consumption of sugar alcohols in food industry greatly over the past years. Consumption of sugar alcohols in food industry is estimated to remain at a high level.

What are the factors influencing the price trends of sugar alcohols? How is the price change of sugar alcohols by month in China in 2013? What are the opportunities in China’s sugar alcohol industry? CCM will give you more detail and useful information in this report. For all of it, please visit:

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