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China's sucralose export: export share of top two exporters increases in Jan.-Nov. 2013

In fact, compared with most sucralose producers in China, sucralose's price advantage is a key reason for JK Sucralose and Changzhou Niutang capturing more export share. JK Sucralose and Changzhou Niutang were the only two sucralose producers in China with capacity of over 1,000t/a in 2013. In general, larger capacity means lower production cost, as a result, both of JK Sucralose and Changzhou Niutang have the ability to keep export price of their products lower than the other producers' and improve its products' competitiveness.

In addition, it is estimated that there is a strict quality control mangement at JK Sucralose and Changzhou Niutang compared to other domestic producers'. For example, according to Ji'an Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, five batches of sucralose products by a main sucralose producer in Ji'an city, Jiangxi province were returned in 2013 due to quality problem. Based on this, it is not hard to estimate the difference in quality between the two top producers and other producers in China.

Product with high-quality and low-price is beneficial for JK Sucralose and Changzhou Niutang to attract more attentions from overseas downstream enterprises. Export volume of China's sucralose increased by 360 tonnes in the first eleven months of 2013 compared with the same period of 2012, therefore, the increase of 273 tonnes was produced by the top two producers. Naturally, large increase in export volume of top two producers resulted in their export share increase in China's sucralose export.

Export share increase of top two sucralose producers in China may be a negative message for the existing sucralose producers at present and new sucralose entrants in the near future. Because of the good prospect of China's sucralose, investment in domestic sucralose industry became overheating in recent years, with a sharp increase in national capacity of sucralose at the same time. And it is predicted that total capacity of sucralose in China will continue to show a significant increase in following years. However, the more export share the top two producers enjoy, the less export share the remaining sucralose producers in China can share. As an export-oriented industry, less export share means that the competition among the remaining sucralose producers in China will become more fierce in the near future.

The news above was sourced from Sweeteners China News issued by CCM in February.

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