Thursday, February 27, 2014

325 new registrations for pesticide technicals approved in 2013

Figures from the ICAMA show that the number of new registrations approved in 2013 is higher than annual approvals from 2010 to 2012. In that period, the number of new technical registrations in China ranged from 240 to 280 each year.

Herbicides were the sub-category with the highest number of new registrations in 2013 —— 156 new herbicide technicals were registered. The 325 new registrations cover 164 types of pesticide ingredients, including 76 types of herbicides, 45 insecticides, 32 fungicides and 11 other pesticides (plant growth regulators and rodenticides).

Specifically, azoxystrobin had the most registrations, with 18 technicals registered. There were other three pesticides with more than 10 new technical registrations in 2013: thiamethoxam (15 registrations), glufosinate-ammonium(14) and indoxacarb (11). Five substances had over five new registrations: cyhalofop-butyl, bispyribac-sodium, mesotrione, pymetrozine and dicamba. There were totally 30 pesticides with more than 3 technical registrations, including 17 herbicides, 8 insecticides and 5 fungicides.

Along with pesticides with the highest number of registrations, those registered for the first time in China are also worth noticing. Out of 164 new pesticides registered in 2013, 16 were registered temporarily for the first time, and another 21 were granted formal registration for the first time in China. Some of the 37 new pesticides are patented newcomers, such as sulfoxaflor, methiadinil and fluxapyroxad.

Source: Crop Protection China Monthly Report issued by CCM in January.

Table of Contents of China Crop Protection Monthly Report 1401
Overview for new registrations of pesticide technicals in 2013
325 new registrations for pesticide technicals approved in 2013
158 enterprises registered pesticide technicals in 2013
New registrations of herbicide technicals in 2013: an overview
New registrations of insecticide technicals in 2013: an overview
New registrations of fungicide technicals in 2013: an overview

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