Monday, September 3, 2012

AgriChina News Alerts Daily

China’s agriculture industry has experienced rapid development in recent years and has achieved outstanding outputs. In the future, China’s agriculture will continue to attract investments, improve productivity and product quality, and expand international trade. Foreign investors and business practitioners who are eager to be participated in commercial opportunities in the China agricultural industry need timely access and analysis on information of China agricultural news.

CCM International has launched a daily updated English newsletter named Agrichina News Alerts Dailyto meet the urgent needs from clients who need to keep informed of the most updated news on China’s agriculture industry but find it difficult to collect all.

Agrichina News Alerts Daily helps business practitioners and investors who care about Chinese agricultural and agro-chemical industry to gain access to the timely and accurate first-hand agricultural market news. The features of this daily report are “rapid, timely coverage of agricultural news, company news, policy and regulations ". In addition, the price is very affordable. Please continue to pay attention to it.

China Agriculture News Alert Daily covers China's agricultural markets, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural products, plant protection, seeds, grains, agricultural technology, pest control and other related information. It also provides information about events such as summits, seminars, exhibitions, and web conferences on China's agricultural market. Delivered via email and database, China Agriculture News Alert Daily will bring you the latest news of China's agriculture, agricultural market conditions, dynamic company, product prices and other breaking news and events, help you make wiser judgments and decisions, and capture good investment opportunities quickly. CCM International publishes China Agriculture News Alert Daily by analysts independently. For more information, please visit; to subscribe, please call Tel: 86-20-37616606 or Email:

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