Friday, August 15, 2014

How Big an Effect on International Trade Will China’s Olefins Revolution Really Have?

  • ·    China’s move away from naphtha-based olefin production could have huge knock-on effects on supply chains and international trade
  • ·      CCM’s free webinar (20th August, 09.30-10.30 EST, USA / 21.30-22.30 GMT+8, China) will explore the issue in detail, predict the future development of Chinese olefins production technology, and outline the effects this will have on related industries
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[Guangzhou, 14th August 2014] We all know that China’s burgeoning coal-to-olefin and methanol-to-olefin industries have the potential to have a huge impact on global supply chains and trade, but how big will the knock-on effects really be? How effective have China’s first coal-to-olefin projects proved so far, and how much more efficient is the technology likely to become over the next ten years?

All these questions and more will be addressed in detail in CCM’s free webinar, Impact on International Trade of China’s Olefins Industry, which will take place on Wednesday 20th August, 09.30-10.30 EST/21.30-22.30 GMT+8.

As China’s leading market research and business information provider with over 13 years’ experience analysing China’s chemicals market, CCM is uniquely positioned to offer insight into the Chinese olefins industry. Based in Guangzhou, CCM’s team of over 150 experts and extensive network of contacts within the new coal-to-olefin projects, as well the wider Chinese olefin production industry, give it an unrivalled knowledge of the sector.

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