Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kailin's wet-process PA industrial-grade MAP plant officially meets output and quality standards

After eight months of trial production, Guizhou Kailin (Group) Co., Ltd. (Kailin Group) officially achieved output and quality standards in its wet-process phosphoric acid industrial-grade MAP plant in Jan. 2014according to CCM’s Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1402.

Industrial-grade MAP is widely applied as an industrial flame retardant and fire extinguishing agent, in additives for the food and feed industry, in dispersants for the textile industry, and as a high-quality fertilizer in drip irrigation.

Kailin Group's MAP plant uses purified wet process PA. Using wet-process instead of thermal PA as feedstock reduces costs by USD655.7 (RMB4,000, March 2013 prices) per tonne. The industrial grade MAP reached 98.5% purity, above the national standard. The device has a designed capacity of 30,000t/a. During the trial production, the average daily output of industrial-grade MAP was 125 tonnes, exceeding the designed daily output of 82.2 tonnes. As of Jan. 2014, eight thousand tonnes of wet process PA industrial grade MAP have been transported to Xinjiang Province, with good market reception.

The plant is located at Xifeng County, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. Total investments amounted to USD6.56 million (RMB40.0 million). The project, initially designed for a 10,000t/a capacity, started in April 2012, and produced adequate industrial-grade MAP for the first time in Oct. 2012. Since then, the project was expanded and streamlined.

Kailin Group is not the first company to commercially produce industrial-grade MAP using wet process PA. As early as 2004, Guizhou Hongfu Industry and Commerce Development Co., Ltd. (the former name of Wengfu Group Co., Ltd., abbr. Wengfu Group) and Sichuan Yingfeng Industry Co., Ltd. tried to produce industrial-grade MAP from purified wet process PA, but failed because of inadequate PA purifying technology. After years of continuous research, China's wet process PA purifying technology developed dramatically.

At the moment, Hubei Xiangyun (Group) Chemical Co., Ltd. (Xiangyun Group) also produces industrial-grade MAP by wet process PA.  Xiangyun Group's plant was put into production in Aug. 2013 and has operated on an even keel. Its daily output can reach 200 tonnes, and nearly 20,000 tonnes of industrial-grade MAP was sold to Shandong, Zhjiang and Xinjiang Provinces from Aug. to Dec. 2013, making Xiangyun Group the largest industrial-grade MAP producer in China. Also in Hubei Province, Zhongxiang Chunxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Hubei E-Zhong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. are separately constructing two wet process PA industrial-grade MAP plants with capacity of 50,000t/a each.

Especially for Wengfu Group, whose wet process PA purifying technology is the most advanced in China, it currently has no plan to develop industrial-grade MAP by wet process PA.   Because Wengfu Group's wet process PA after extraction     has relatively higher purity and is capable to compete directly with hot process PA on the market, so it has no need to develop industrial-grade MAP by wet process PA . 
China's wet-process industrial-grade MAP has been increasing dramatically over recent years, and wet-process PA is taking over market from traditional hot process PA in the phosphorus chemical industry.

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