Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Energy Material and Refrigerant Ask for More Fluoride-CCM's Forthcoming Free Webinar

Fluorine chemicals' prices keep going high in May under the influences of international crude oil price surge. The turmoil in Libya, the worries of Al Qaeda retaliation on Bin Laden's death and the fall of US dollar exchange rate led to the crude oil price stay high. Its downstream chemical products' prices are in step with that of crude oil. Fluorine industry is of no exception. As fluoride is the raw material of fluorine chemicals with tighten-up policy on fluoride exploitation, its price takes on an irrevocable upward trend.

Fluorine downstream industries like the fluorine electronic chemicals, fluoro-phamarceuticals and fluoro-pesticides in the new energy materials are in great demand of fluoride. Take the liquid crystal material for example, it has been widely used in the satellite technology, laptop and digital camera, etc.  By far, high performance LCD is all contained fluorine liquid crystal materials, and its consumption volume is predicted to grow with the demands in LCD.

In the traditional industry, refrigerant used in air conditioners, cars and refrigerators is another large consumer of fluoride. The weeding out of current refrigerant R22 is on schedule in China because it contains the element chlorine, the criminal to the ozone depletion. R410 is predicted to take the lead in refrigerant market because it eliminates chlorine and is much more environmental friendly. Demands for air conditioners and refrigerators keep steady and cars are in even greater needs. The demands for fluoride bounce up with correlation.

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