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Find Hot News in Seed China News 1401

Published on the 31th every month, Seed China News  is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of seed market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include market dynamic, company dynamic, raw material supply, price update, import & export analysis, consumption trend & competitiveness.

The State Council of the People's Republic of China (State Council) issued an announcement titled Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Crop Seed System to Increase Innovation Capability on its portal. The statement is expected to mature into specific guidelines for the future development of China's seed industry.
In 2013/2014, rapeseed growing in Anhui has been influenced by factors both favorable (improved varieties, abundant rainfall from late August to mid September) and unfavorable (inadequate protectionist policies, comparatively low mechanization and weak agricultural infrastructure).
Corn seed producers have gradually adopted terminal sales, a more streamlined sales channel that has already become a new marketing trend for corn seeds.
Despite a clear decrease in acreage nationally, and lower yields in southern China, the oversupply of hybrid rice seeds will not be significantly alleviated in 2014. In addition, China's total rice acreage will likely drop in 2014, on account of farmers' diminished profits and consequent weak enthusiasm.
This article presents and briefly comments on the first five (out of ten) important events in China's seed industry in 2013.
Origin's operating profit and net profit rose significantly in the fiscal year of 2013, despite a decline in revenue.
On 27 Dec. 2013, the MOA officially issued the new edition of Examination And Approval Measures for Main Crop Varieties, with five major changes from the current edition: examination items were added, the certification process has been simplified, certification standards have been raised, exclusion mechanisms were strengthened and the opening of a Green Channel.
Space mutation breeding will certainly enable China's agriculture to develop, since it features shorter breeding periods, high probability of mutation, ability of improving crop yields, better seed quality, among other advantages.
Throughout the year 2013, Heilongjiang soybean market was almost continuously depressed, mainly in view of the sluggish soybean demand, the low prices, the continuous losses for soybean oil refineries, and the continuous decline of the soybean acreage.
The increasing tomato acreage has underpinned the seed market in Heilongjiang, whilst the competition is rather intense among different tomato varieties in the local market.

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