Monday, March 3, 2014

Find Hot News in China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1401

Published on the 20th every month, China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Fluoride Materials market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include the sectors on policy & legislation, company dynamic, supply & demand, price update, etc.

Following are headline news of China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report:
Two domestic leading room air-conditioner manufacturing enterprises' R290 room air-conditioner project made great progresses in Dec. 2013, while the R290 technical renovation started to be implemented in more air-conditioner production lines in China, it is estimated that R290 will be popularized in the domestic room air-conditioner industry.
The export situation of HF was optimistic as of Nov. 2013, and will maintain the uptrend in Q1 2014 as estimated.
The export situation of AlF3 was vigorous as of Nov. 2013, but it's estimated that the export volume of AlF3 may decrease slightly in Q1 2014.
The USITC's further anti-dumping and countervailing investigation into China-made R134a may restrain the overseas trade of domestic R134a enterprises if the preliminary rulings come out affirmative, thus, currently the domestic R134a producers are probing into solutions to counter the possible unfavorable situation.
21 domestic XPS foam producers signed the contract for elimination of HCFCs with the FECO and selected CO2 mixture as the substitute for HCFCs, which is beneficial for the controlling and eliminating production and consumption of HCFCs in China.
Two major domestic fluorine chemical industrial parks, located in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province and Changshu, Jiangsu Province respectively, are expected to enjoy new policy support from their local governments, which indicates that China's local governments have been putting more efforts in industrial upgrading and optimization of the fluorine chemical industry.
Domestic electronic grade HF producers may enjoy a bright future, along with the rapid development of the downstream IC industry.
In Dec. 2013, Jiangsu Sanmei's PVDF project finished the construction of main structures and it is estimated that the project will be put into normal production in April 2014.
Domestic ex-works price of R22 still maintained an uptrend in Q4 2013, mainly because of the restriction of production quota and the increase of production cost.
Two new fluorine chemical production technologies were developed by HONF in Jan. 2014, which will help producers cut down the production cost of dry AlF3, AHF and LiPF6.
Domestic ex-works prices of most fluoride materials in Dec. 2013
Import and export analysis of fluoride chemicals in China in Nov. 2013
Domestic market situation of PTFE is still depressed in Q4 2013, along with price fall and operating rate decrease.

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