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China's cyclamate export: volume drop in Jan.-Nov. 2013

Data from China Customs showed that the average export price of China's cyclamate witnessed an increase to USD1,932/t in the first eleven months of 2013, but at the same time, its total export volume decreased by 4.3% YoY from 24,526 tonnes in Jan.-Nov. of 2012 to 23,480 tonnes in Jan.-Nov. of 2013, according to Sweeteners China News issued by CCM in January.

The export price increase was one important reason for the export volume decrease of China's cyclamate in Jan.-Nov. 2013. In fact, price advantage is the most useful weapon for cyclamate to compete with other sweeteners. However, RMB appreciated rapidly in 2013. For example, according to the People's Bank of China, the RMB/USD exchange rate was 6.2897 on 4 Jan. 2013, but it decreased to just 6.0969 on 31 Dec. 2013. As a result, the export price of China's cyclamate also increased in the same period. Thus, overseas downstream enterprises had to pay higher price for the same quantity of China's cyclamate, which reduced their import enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, China's cyclamate began to face more competitions from other high intensity sweeteners (HIS) in overseas markets, putting pressure on China's cyclamate export. It is reported that downstream enterprises in Argentina, the second largest destination of China's cyclamate exports in 2012, preferred stevia sweetener in 2013. For example, Coca Cola launched its "green cola" containing stevia sweetener. Argentinean downstream enterprises' preference for stevia sweetener could be the reason for the significant YoY decrease in the export volume of China's cyclamate to Argentina in 2013.

It is predicted that the total export volume of China's cyclamate will decrease in 2013, and domestic cyclamate producers may have a negative prospect in 2014. Actually, it is estimated that the demand for China's cyclamate from overseas market has been falling in 2013, compared with that in 2012. Data from China Customs showed that only the demand for China's cyclamate from Europe witnessed a slight increase in Jan.-Nov. 2013, while that from other continents declined to varied extents in the same period. At the same time, the appreciation of RMB will not have a significant change in the future, which means China's cyclamate will further lose its price advantage. Based on the above negative factors, domestic cyclamate producers have to plan for their future development.

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