Thursday, October 11, 2012

Illegally adding recessive composition still popular

On 30 Aug., 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture of China (MOA) released the result of the first pesticide sample examination of 2012, showing that illegally adding recessive composition is still popular in domestic pesticide industry, according to CCM’s September issue of Crop Protection China News.

The sample examination was jointly carried out by the agricultural departments from 30 provinces, cities and areas. 1,561 pesticide product samples have been examined, including 871 insecticide products, 375 fungicide products, 302 herbicide products, etc. 141 pesticide product samples failed to pass the examination with 56 products being checked without AI labeling on the packaging, 73 products with insufficient AI content and 41 products with recessive compositions, accounting for 39.7%, 51.8% and 29.08% respectively of all the unqualified products.

Among all the unqualified pesticide products, the unqualified rate of the products with recessive compositions surged compared with that in the latest national examination took place in 2011. According to result of the third pesticide sample examination of 2011 released on 16 Feb., 2012, the unqualified rate of the products with recessive compositions was 8.6%, far less than 29.08% of this time.

Among the 41 unqualified products added with recessive compositions, 12 of them contain highly toxic pesticides such as terbufos (added into four unqualified products), phorate (three) and carbofuran (three). Although the rate of adding terbufos as a recessive composition among all the unqualified products has largely decreased compared with the third pesticide sample examination of 2011, about 14 out of 25 unqualified products containing highly toxic pesticides were added with terbufos, it was still the most popular highly toxic pesticide that domestic illegal pesticide producers are eager to add with.

Besides these highly toxic pesticides, a famous foreign insecticide, namely chlorantraniliprole, was also frequently added as recessive composition in domestic market. There were five pesticide samples in the 41 unqualified products being added with chlorantraniliprole, and four of them are bio-pesticide products containing active ingredients bacillus thuringiensis and rotenone respectively, and the other one was abamectin-aminomethyl.

The illegal activities of adding recessive compositions in pesticides in China have frequently troubled Chinese government in recent years. Much easier to cause 3R problems (residue, resistance and resurgence), phytotoxicity, environmental problems, adverse effect on the supervision of pesticide industry, etc. have already shown the risks it would bring to domestic agricultural production and agrochemical market. Although Chinese government has paid much attention to the problem in recent years and made great effort to supervise and crack down adding recessive compositions in pesticide products, the illegal activity is still very popular in domestic pesticide market and is considered to be an open secret.

Source: Crop Protection China News 1217

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