Wednesday, October 31, 2012

China's demand for titanium feedstock had an effect on the global supply

China is the largest titanium dioxide supplier in the world. China's TiO2 industry exerts more and more influence on the world's TiO2 market. Titanium dioxide is considered to be a white pigment with the best performance, which is widely used in paints, plastics, paper, rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Titanium dioxide has reinforcing, aging, and filling effect, and is used as a coloring agent in the rubber industry.  White and colored rubber products added titanium dioxide to make it sun-resistant, anti-cracking, anti-discoloration, scales better and acid. In cosmetics applications, titanium dioxide white is better than lead because of non-toxic .Almost all kinds of powder use titanium dioxide instead of lead white and zinc white. Powder only need an addition of 5% to 8% of titanium dioxide to be permanently white, creamier spice, adhesion, absorption, strength and hiding power.

As the protagonist in the pigment market, the recent price trend of titanium dioxide fall and rise, becoming a "Person of the Year" in the paint on the raw materials market. Its latest price trend is more concerned by people. It becomes a hot topic that how the Titanium market trend will be. There is considerable room for growth of Titanium dioxide demand in China. China's titanium dioxide industry will continue the twists growth trends and production capacity, production, prices, exports, demand, etc, will have varying degrees of growth.

According to the latest statistics of the National Chemical Productivity Center titanium dioxide sub-center in the first half of this year ,it is showed that China imported a total of titanium dioxide 82,000 tons, down 37.8%; total exports in the first half of titanium dioxide 228,000 tons, with a year-on-year growth of 8.4%. Foreign titanium dioxide giant price good Chinese titanium dioxide enterprises, China's export volume has been rising. How titanium dioxide will trend? How to import and export analysis and price?

The China TiO2 Monthly Report is mainly divided into five parts referred to Supply & Demand, Company Dynamics, Upstream, Downstream and Price Update, including information of new launch, company expansion, value chain analysis, price fluctuation, etc. If your business is connected with TiO2, the report will be very attractive to you while the report will facilitate your search for commercial opportunities in this promising market.

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