Monday, August 25, 2014

Quality Business Intelligence Gives Investors Security in China’s Famously ‘Opaque’ Market, Says Kcomber

·        China’s reputation as a high-risk, ‘opaque’ market is primarily due to a lack of quality business intelligence
·        Kcomber has created KcomData service to address this deficiency and provide investors with accurate, reliable intelligence on target companies and markets

[Guangzhou, 18th August 2014] China is the economic miracle of our age. The country has experienced three decades of unbroken, often double-digit growth, has emerged unscathed from two major economic crises, and is now widely expected to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy within the next ten years. Yet, China is still widely regarded as a high-risk market. How can this be?

According to Kcomber, China’s leading business information firm, the biggest problem investors encounter in the Middle Kingdom remains the lack of reliable data. Though the Chinese government has made efforts to modernise its methods of collecting economic data, the system is still too decentralised and easy to manipulate. Misreporting of income and output by Chinese enterprises, sadly, is still common.

Kcomber has therefore created KcomData, a comprehensive business information service that relies solely on ‘primary data’ – data that has been verified first-hand by Kcomber’s own team of experts. This uniquely accurate service gives investors access to detailed reports on over 350,000 China-based companies, and Kcomber is also able to carry out full due diligence reports on any company on request.

Sunny Lei, Manager of CBD at Kcomber, commented: “Uncertainty is a cancer on investment, and this is why many investors still hesitate to invest in China. They know that there are unique opportunities to make large profits here, but when the push comes to shove they may choose supposedly ‘safer’ markets with less potential because they perceive China as ‘opaque’.

“We created KcomData precisely to give investors the confidence that comes from knowing you have reliable, accurate data in front of you. Now, our clients can take advantage of the huge opportunities available here safe in the knowledge that their decisions are based on quality intelligence. By taking away the uncertainty, we have taken away much of the perceived risk, too.”

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About Kcomber:
Kcomber is China’s leading provider of business information, market research, and consultancy services. Founded in Guangzhou in 2001, Kcomber’s mission is not only to provide clients with the most accurate data, but to go ‘beyond information’ and give valuable, instantly actionable insight.

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