Friday, November 1, 2013

Production and Market Situation of Sodium Gluconate in China

CCM has lately released its third edition of report in relation to Sodium Gluconate (SG), namely Production and Market of Sodium Gluconate in China, which focuses on the production situation of China’s sodium gluconate in recent three years. The report also introduces major domestic producers and major situation of downstream fields of sodium gluconate.

As one of the major SG suppliers in the world, China’s SG roduction has been witnessing a rapid development over the past ten years, which has greatly boosted China's total SG output. In recent years, several enterprises have swarmed into the domestic SG industry. The production of SG in China has concentrated in the major corn-producing areas. However, the production concentration rate of SG is not high. China's SG industry has encountered a slowdown situation and entered an integration phase.

In the report, CCM lists a series of figures to summarize SG and its related products’ capacity and output situation in China during 2006-2012, which includes: capacity distribution of corn starch in China in 2012; capacity and output of corn starch in China during 2006-2012; capacity and output of glucose monohydrate in China during 2008-2012; capacity and output of anhydrous glucose in China during 2008-2012; capacity and output of SG in China during 2004-H1 2013; capacity distribution of SG in China in 2012; output distribution of SG in China in 2012.

The report also analyzes the key factors that have been influencing the development of China’s SG industry. The report reveals that the demand from the construction industry is the dominant factor affecting SG price in China. Currently, China's SG industry still depends mostly on demand from the construction industry. The domestic SG consumption in concrete additive greatly increased in 2012, but the growth has slowed down obviously over the recent two years. Due to the slower growth of demand from the domestic construction industry, China’s SG price has continued decreasing since 2011, although the prices of major raw materials remain high.

CCM also gives a forecast on China's SG industry in the next five years. According to the report, China's SG will be more competitive in the world in the coming years. After two years' recession, the world economy showed a recovery in H1 2013. Overseas markets are surely to play an increasing important role in China's SG industry.

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