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Titanium Feedstock Import Volume Surges in China in March 2012

In March 2012, China set a new record in the import volume of titanium feedstock (including titanium ores and concentrates). The titanium feedstock import volume jumped to 430,403 tonnes in March, mainly due to the surges in the import volume of titanium feedstock from Australia and Vietnam. Meanwhile, the average import price of titanium feedstock rebounded again, reaching USD328/t in March 2012, according to CCM’s May issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report.

Compared with March 2011, China's titanium feedstock import volume increased by 80.6% in March 2012, and the average import price of titanium feedstock soared by 101.1% during this period. The demand for titanium feedstock seemed to recover in China in March 2012, reflected by 74.3% increase in import volume and 20.0% increase in import price compared with those in Feb. 2012.
It is well known that titanium feedstock supply has been the primary concern of TiO2 producers in China, due to the insufficient supply from domestic titanium feedstock producers and the constrained supply from foreign suppliers.

Meanwhile, global titanium feedstock suppliers proactively increase prices, exerting more pressure on China's TiO2 producers.

Speaking of titanium feedstock import origins, the top three were still Vietnam, Australia and India in March 2012. The titanium feedstock import volume from these three origins totaled 361,171 tonnes in March 2012, increasing by 211.9% compared with that in March 2011.
Compared with March 2011, the import volume from Australia and Vietnam separately increased by 374.2% and 139.9%, while the import volume from India decreased by 27.1% in March 2012. The average import prices of titanium feedstock from Australia, Vietnam and India in March 2012 separately increased by 65.8%, 119.1% and 109.4% year on year.

Besides, the resumed export from some origins including South Korea also contributed to the increase in China's total titanium feedstock import volume in March 2012.

Source: TiO2 China Monthly Report 1205

Content of TiO2 China Monthly Report 1205:
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