Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CCM’s Free Stevia Sweetener Webinar to be Held on April 26, 2012

CCM International, a leading market research consulting company in China, will launch a free stevia sweetener webinar at 16:30  (GMT+8, Beijing Time) on Apr. 26, 2012. With the topic of “China Stevia Market Review and Forecast”, this webinar will focus on the market review of China’s stevia sweetener industry in 2011, as well as the future trend of this boosting market.

Driven by new markets opened up for stevia sweetener, global market of stevia sweetener will be more promising in the near future. China has been the largest stevia sweetener supplier in the world. With booming economy and heightening of people’s living standard, more and more consumers will prefer more natural sweeteners with lower calorie, generating large market for the future development of China’s stevia sweetener.

What did China’s stevia sweetener market experience in 2011? What kind of business opportunities lie in China’s stevia sweetener industry? How will stevia sweetener develop in 2012? What kind of challenges stevia sweetener will face in the future?

Anson Chan, professional Stevia Sweetener Consultant of CCM International and speaker of this webinar, will share with you his unique perspective and insightful analysis about this promising industry. Grasp this amazing opportunity to obtain the latest market information and discover commercial potential for your investment.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
-Dynamics of China’s sweetener market
-Market review of the whole sweetener market
-Market review of stevia sweetener market
-Conclusion and forecast of stevia market
-CCM International's recommendation for stevia sweetener business

The webinar will take place at 16:30pm (GMT+8, Beijing Time), Apr. 26, 2012. Please register from here:, or you can also click the register button on our webpage for getting involved.

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