Thursday, November 24, 2011

China to Issue Newly Revised Edition of Pesticide Administrative Regulations

CCM introduced the latest issue of Herbicides China News on November 15, 2011. The top news is that China will formally release newly revised edition of Pesticide Administrative Regulations in 2012.

On the basis of the original edition promulgated in May 1997, the new regulations, which are under revision by the Chinese government nowadays and will be promulgated in 2012, are expected to manage domestic pesticide industry effectively. The following aspects might be mentioned in the draft of the new regulations:
1.       The entry barrier of pesticide industry in China will be heightened.
The temporary one-year-registration period of pesticide in China will be cancelled. The active period of pesticides registration will be expanded to five years, which will result in shrinking registration volume of pesticide in China.

2. It is urgent to improve the quality of pesticide production in China.
Pesticide manufacturers in China should establish relative rules or records in relative procedures such as material purchase, package and processing to guarantee the quality of products.

3. Sales permission of pesticide products in China will be re-executed.
Pesticide sellers must have relative qualifications, such as professional technology, reasonable sales rules, strict supervision, and so on.

4. Pesticide application in China will be standardized.
Relative trainings and guidance of pesticide application for peasants should be enhanced. Especially, the punishment on illegal applications of acute toxic pesticide will be achieved in the future.

5. Governmental supervision of pesticide industry in China should be reinforced.

You might discover more details in Herbicides China News 1111 with following headline news:
-New Pesticide Administrative Regulations in China is under revision by the Chinese government nowadays, and will be promulgated in 2012.
-Jiangsu Huifeng initiates clethodim technical business recently with a 1,000t/a clethodim production line.
-Nantong Jiangshan will launch a 20,000t/a amide herbicide plant this month or next month.
-Jindun Agrochemical will supply diuron products in the near future.
-Hangzhou Qingfeng meets the first peak season currently, after the company relocation into Hangzhou Xiaoshan Linjiang Industrial Zone finished in the beginning of 2011.
-China meets weak agrochemical performances in Q3 2011.
-Chinese chlorimuron-ethyl manufacturers compete intensely.
-Pendimethalin, trifluralin and oxyfluorfen ranked No.1 in Nov. 2011 in terms of price uptrend.
-Mixed formulation with low-content glyphosate can be a good choice for consumers, but can't benefit manufacturers too much.
-New season of nicosulfuron production in China comes.
-Approximately seven herbicide manufacturers in China can self-source phosgene materials at present.
-Yellow phosphorus meets a pricing U-turn to decline to USD2,783/t in Nov. 2011.
-China develops a fungus against barnyard grass now, namely HGE.
-New EC formulation with environmentally friendly trait grows up in China gradually.
-Effervescing formulations such as PP, KPP and EA are unpopular in Chinese pesticide market.

(Guangzhou China, November 16, 2011)

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