Friday, July 1, 2011

China’s Abamectin Industry Seeking Breakthrough by Joint Efforts

Abamectin prospects a bright future but it is overcapacity due to chaotic production and fierce competition since 2008, hindering the development of the whole industry. For the sustainable and healthy growth of the industry, large-scale abamectin enterprises have jointed to build a synergy group working together with crop protection industry associations.

Abamectin with rapid development relies on its high effectiveness, low toxicity, wide spectrum on insect and no residue on soil. With the phase-out of five kinds high toxicity pesticide, namely, methamidophos, parathion-methyl, parathion, moncrotophos and phosphamidon, abamectin has won its place in insecticide. Beside, China pays more attention to the investment in crop protection, environment protection and energy-saving, and abamectin becomes the substitute of high toxicity pesticide, which provides great opportunity for its growth.

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